About Me


With a lifelong fascination for photography and videography, I embarked on a professional journey in 2018, captivated by the power of visual storytelling. My work has taken me across international landscapes, including the 2nd most remote inhabited island in the world.

My expertise lies in crafting outdoor and sport videos, with extensive experience in cycling cinematography working with brands like Giant Bicycles, Industry 9 and Supersapiens. Whether working solo or collaborating with others, I seamlessly manage the entire filmmaking process, from concept development to final production.

Recently, I've delved into the world of editing, discovering a profound passion for the art of narrative construction. My editing studio, affectionately dubbed my "edit cave," serves as my sanctuary where I meticulously curate stories, particularly in the realm of documentary filmmaking.

My ability to excel in remote editing environments has recently opened doors to collaborating with an outdoor company based in the USA. The time difference between South Africa and the US allows me to seamlessly fit into their workflow, working diligently while they rest. Additionally, my access to high-speed fiber internet ensures that downloading massive amounts of footage poses no obstacle.

With enthusiasm and dedication, I embrace remote editing opportunities, eager to contribute my skills and expertise to projects across the globe.